Get Healthy with Echelon Fitness


With February being National Heart Month Home & Lifestyle Expert Laura Dellutri went to the experts at Echelon Fitness who bring affordable and accessible Fitness products to market that energize your heart.

Echelon Fitness Tips

  • Go Wi-Fi and bring the gym to you with at home connected Fitness delivered to your door. It has easy setup to connect to Wi-Fi and have dozens of daily live and on-demand classes
  • Workout with a coach or community to stay motivated and challenged. Working out virtually with hundreds of others helps keep you engaged and accountable.
  • Avoid burnout and add variety. The best type of exercise for optimal heart health is to vary the types and intensity of exercise with fitness products like the Echelon Reflect and Echelon Bike.

Find hundreds of live workouts on-demand incorporating weights, body weight resistance and cardio as well as stretching and meditation. Go to and use the code “heart” to get healthy today.