Hamilton Family Brewery


Beer is becoming a big business, and micro-brewerys are popping up all over California. Here’s one couple that made it a success.

A passion for hand-crafted beer and a love for Rancho Cucamonga is what led to the opening of the city’s first micro-brewery. Rancho natives Joshua and Kristen Hamilton recently opened Hamilton Family Brewery. The journey to starting the brewery, began with Joshua who had a passion for home brewing.

What really got me hooked was when I was able to share my first batch with my buddies and they enjoyed it. So it kind of brought all my passions together of being creative and working with my hands. So there’s just so much about things that encompass brewing beer that I just fell in love with.

Josh Hamilton, Co-Owner and Brewmaster

The Hamilton Family Brewery has gotten of to a successful start. The word has gotten out among beer lovers who are coming to the brewery to taste authentic craft beer that uses all-natural ingredients.

For more information, check out their website at HamiltonFamilyBrewery.com