Handbags speak louder than words with JOYN


We all know that you can never have enough handbags. With the seasons changing, it’s time you put your black purse down and bring out your new brighter and lighter color bag to match those spring and summer outfits! JOYN makes fashion forward bags that are 100% handmade by artisans in India.

JOYN started with an adventure to a Ugandan orphanage. In 1998, Melody and Dave Murray met and married at a small college in Arkansas. They spent their first summer as newlyweds working in Uganda with a shared passion to change the lives of people living in poverty. Fast-forward ten years and the couple packed up their belongings, moving to a rural, marginalized community in northern India – this is where JOYN began.

The bags are colorful, unique and hand crafted by artisans from small villages. JOYN empowers communities to pull themselves out of poverty. The brand not only connects them to steady jobs, but also vocational training, education, medical treatments and daily meal plans.

Each bag is unique and holds a special story behind it. For more on how the brilliant bags are made click here or shop the bags on JOYN’s website.