Harley Pasternak Gives Tips on Getting into a Healthy Lifestyle


A household name amongst the celebrity community, Harley Pasternak is more than just someone with acting chops; he’s the brains and muscles behind getting the biggest celebrities fit for the cameras. But it’s also how he motivates his celebrity clients which correlates to how motivation, hard work, and will power that is essential for them to live a healthy lifestyle.

With his credits including publishing a number of fitness books and diet programs, Pasternak is also well known for giving out advice to anyone who wants to begin a healthy lifestyle just like him, which includes how to get fit, having a meal plan, and how caffeine and cheat day contributes overall.

Starting with how to get fit, the best way to start is by kickstarting a diet. The best method in achieving this is to have three meals and two snacks a day while also grazing and not gouging them as Pasternak puts it. He also points out how people reconfiguring their diets need to be aware of three components to each meal: protein, fibers (like whole grains/fibrous fruits and vegetables), and healthy fats (like avocados, walnuts, olive oil, etc.).

Regarding snacks, they are also a great way to keep the metabolism going in the human body. Bean dips, lentil, greek yogurt, and smoothies are good choices to have as a healthy snack along with turkey jerky and beef jerky which includes an abundance of protein from each.

Pasternak also mentions eating every three hours between each meal and snack period. To go with that, caffeine intake is also another benefit when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, as long as there are not many bad additives that go to either coffee or tea.

When it comes to cheat day, Pasternak makes it clear there are no rules on what a person can eat or drink. Anyone can use this day as an excuse to be social with other people, such as going out on a date with someone or participating at a party. Then there are ‘free meals,’ as Pasternak puts it, where it’s basically just sticking to one meal that’s out of the diet program without committing to the whole cheat day.

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