21st Amendment Brewery’s New Craft Hard Seltzer Brand: SOMA Hard Seltzer


In Tribute To The Neighborhood They Call Home

Brewed to Strength and Unfiltered, SOMA Hard Seltzer Celebrates the Roots of San Francisco’s Iconic 21st Amendment Brewery

21st Amendment Brewery pays homage to the South of Market (SoMA) neighborhood they’ve called home for 20 years with a new hard seltzer brand: SOMA Hard Seltzer (100 calories, 2g carbs, 0g sugar). Founded in 2000, 21st Amendment’s brewpub is among the pillars of the Northern California craft beer scene located in SoMA, the new heart of the city. SOMA Hard Seltzer‘s 6-Pack design commemorates the originality of the neighborhood from its stencil artwork and murals by local artists to downtown’s angular landscape to the revitalization of the area with new live/work spaces and restaurants. The perfect mix of grit, renewal, and natural beauty, SoMA reflects a modern renaissance happening in metropolitan enclaves across the country such as Brooklyn, LoDo in Denver, and others. SOMA Hard Seltzer celebrates home, no matter where you might dwell.

Masterminds of beloved fruit beers (i.e. Hell or High Watermelon), 21st Amendment’s SOMA Hard Seltzer carries on their infatuation with watermelon for a clean, crisp all-natural seltzer that also comes in enticing flavors such as Guava & Passion Fruit, Mango, and Black Cherry. 21st Amendment’s craft hard seltzer line is executed with the same level of innovation as their acclaimed beer portfolio.

“SOMA Hard Seltzer is brewed with our craft roots in mind. We spent six months working to get the flavors and taste just right. Unlike other hard seltzers, 21st Amendment’s is made using a natural fermentation process giving it a cleaner flavor. SOMA Hard Seltzer is NOT made with grain neutral spirits, and then diluted with water. Many hard seltzers made that way have a metallic and artificial taste. SOMA Hard Seltzer is brewed with Virginia Dare natural flavors, a 90-year-old New York company making wonderful products for the beverage industry,”

says Shaun O’Sullivan, Co-Founder and Brewmaster.
Nico Freccia (Co-Founder/CEO, 21st Amendment Brewery) adds, “SOMA Hard Seltzer is wonderful for the active on-the-go individual who is looking for a craft ‘better-for-you’ beverage. It does not fill you up with its 100 calories and 2 grams of carbs with zero sugar.”

Hot summer days are upon us, and whether you’re enjoying your time inside or venturing outdoors, SOMA Hard Seltzer brings a taste of home wherever you roam.

SOMA Hard Seltzer is currently available in Northern California with expanded distribution to all 30 states where 21st Amendment distributes set for Fall 2020 through early 2021. For more information and to find some using our beer finder, please visit www.21st-Amendment.com.