Helping people find love across the Atlantic


Love knows no boundaries.

That’s the message Anita Covic is hoping to spread to singles across the globe.

The former model and news reporter is a Dating Specialist for the leading international online dating sites and

“We use the Internet for everything today – for shopping, for entertainment, working. Why not online dating,” Covic asked California Life. “We live in this fast-paced society, and nobody has time actually to go out there and search for their dream companion. That’s why they go on online dating sites and find their dream companion,” Covic said.

Covi said international dating sites provide people with more opportunities to find their perfect match.

“I must say, the great thing – and difference- between the local dating and the international, is that there are no geographical restrictions,” Covic said.

To learn more about and and get Covic’s tips for creating a successful online profile, be sure to watch our story below, airing statewide this week on California Life.