Huell Howser’s Memory Lives on Forever with Luis Fuerte’s Book, “Louie, Take A Look At This!”


It’s been seven years since Huell Howser passed away, but Luis Fuerte has a story to tell, which will live on forever. He was a legendary TV personality who entertained audiences with his amazing show California’s Gold. Well known for his storytelling, passion for adventure, and unique style of reporting, Howser’s memory lives on in Fuerte’s book: Louie, Take a Look at This!

Reporter Gigi Copes gives us a closer look into what it was like working with Huell Howser, Fuerte’s experiences behind the scenes, and their friendship outside of the work environment.

Fuerte explains why they worked great together professionally:

“He wanted to be in front of the camera and he liked talking to people and he liked telling his stories… in my case, I was the behind-the-camera-guy… I just wanted to be creative, artistic, tell the story, and make him look good. That was what I loved doing.” -Luis Fuerte

According to Fuerte, he was the epitome of talented in front of the camera. The two journalists shared a passion for artistic and creative storytelling with California’s Gold, the popular show which featured hidden treasures of California, in a span of thirty years.

“Some days we worked a couple hours, other days we worked ten hours, depending on the story… some stories would require traveling… it was kind of a unique way and we kept it simple.” -Luis Fuerte

That experience is documented in his book, Louie, Take a Look at This! My Time With Huell Howser. Fuerte says his respect for Howser was mutual and it was a true team effort. Just learning about the diversity California had to offer is what solidified this golden opportunity for Howser and Fuerte to collaborate. He reminisces on the different shows they did together, the strategies they used to make the best out of it, and how him and Howser really made an effort to keep it simple.

“He told me… Louie, just remember, keep it simple. We’re not doing brain surgery here.” -Luis Fuerte

While Howser made his mark in California as an incredible feature reporter and travel show host with his in-depth and colorful stories, it was the man behind the camera that would pass on his legacy and rememberance to future generations.

In addition to Howser’s continued legacy documented in Fuerte’s book, he well-knowingly donated his memorable home known as the “Volcano House“, to Chapman University.

The unique architecture and distinctive location of the “Volcano House” mixed with his generosity of gifting it to Chapman University exemplifies Huell Howser’s character that Fuerte writes about in his remarkable book.