Increase Screen Time may not be Bad for Kids, Experts Say


People hear about the negative effects of screen time for kids, but with COVID-19 lockdowns forcing kids to shift to homeschool and entertain themselves with TV shows and video games, keeping screen time to a minimum is pretty difficult for parents right now.

The team at conducted a survey to find out changes in Americans’ screen time habits since going into isolation as well as speaking to experts explaining the impact of increased screen time on kids specifically.

“While many professionals suggest that screen time is bad for children, it can in fact have many positive benefits. For example, young children often learn their letters, numbers, colors and shapes from watching Youtube videos,” said Jessica Lechtweisz, CEO of Hope Education Services and Autism Expert

One survey states that 57% of surveyed Americans say their screen time has increased by one hour or more since going into isolation.

In her book “Raising Humans in a Digital World,” Diana Graber explains how the benefits of screen time provide a place for youths to connect with other like-minded people, explore different interests and hobbies not available in the real world and keeping touch with friends and family who live far away.

30% of surveyed Americans say they spend most of their time streaming TV shows or movies while in isolation. While the rest of the 70% say they’ve downloaded a new app to stay entertained while in quarantine, including games and entertainment.

“There are many benefits, but also many cautions about screen time.  You and your kids can access a variety of information, but you need to choose wisely.  Be a discerning and smart consumer of online products and services” said Sherry Skyler Kelly, Ph.D. and Clinical Neuropsychologist-Licensed Psychologist.