Intimate Beaches, Historic Caves and a Delicious Island Restaurant with The Travelerios


The Travelerios take us to Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay aboard Mike’s Charters and Tours. The 58 foot luxury yacht includes food, drinks and a bilingual staff. The yacht tour is perfect for parties and coastal sight seeing along the most exclusive Puerto Vallarta beaches.

The first stop on the tour is Los Arcos: Marine National Park where small granite islands protrude from the sea. The natural caves and reefs serve as the most ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. If you are deeply interested in scuba diving, we recommend having the proper gear.

Whether you are floating on the surface, standing on the ocean floor or just maintaining a constant float mid-ocean, it is important that you can do so with ease. That is the job of your scuba BCD. A buoyancy control device, commonly shortened to BCD, visit  for a comprehensive list of the 10 Best Scuba BCDs 2019. Make sure you have the right equipment.

The reef’s depth, at 30-1,600 feet, is the deepest in the bay. A diverse range of marine life is awaiting you. Plus, don’t be afraid to leap from the yacht’s top deck to get the fun started!

Next stop on the tour, Colomitos Beach, is the smallest in Puerto Rico. The clear sand and water is one of the most intimate that you will come across on your journey.

After all of these exciting water activities your appetite will meet its match at Mike’s Beach Club. The freshest and most flavorful food in Puerto Vallarta is here! The restaurant is only accessible by boat as it is located on Las Animas Beach. Be sure to try their Fire Grilled Fish, as it is the restaurant’s specialty.

For a beautiful experience in Puerto Vallarta check out Mike’s Charters and Tours, and watch the segment below to see what Puerto Vallarta has to offer!