It’s Time to Create Hilarious Moments in Life With Prank-O!


Back-to-school spending is expected to rise as parents are excited to return to some sense of normalcy this year.

We’ve had enough of challenging times, and a little laughter is the perfect medicine to heal homesickness for first and second year college students. Prank-O gets it. They have a new affordable gag gift that goes a step further!

The uber-fun brand launches three college prank boxes that parents will love to send to their “adulting” children. They’ve taken their top-themed boxes and added in essential items.

Remember the days of care packages from home? Prank-O puts a fun twist on this concept and it’s hilarious! The good news is that these outrageous boxes have useful items that students will need – think laundry detergent, coffee, snacks. You get the picture.

Spark laughter in stressful times and get ready for a few eye rolls and maybe a couple of snarky remarks too! Take a look at the offerings.

Bacon Scented Dryers Sheets

  • Combining hot-off-the-griddle flavor with fresh-from-the-dryer softness, this fake gift box will leave them confused and hungry. Great for pranking any bacon lover.
  • Included in the Prank box:
    • 105 ct Dryer Sheets 
    • Tide To Go Stain Pen 
    • Febreze Fabric Spray
  • Price: $25

Bathe and Brew 

  • Whether the target of your prank is an overworked caffeine junkie or a career-focused germaphobe, this prank box is designed to fake out your favorite multitasker.
  • Included in the Prank box:
    • 1 Bathe & Brew Prank Pack
    • 1 pair of black flip flops
    • 2 cans of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso
    • 1 bar of Dove Soap 
  • Price: $25

Scrap and Snack 

  • Don’t throw away those food scraps – turn them into delicious energy bars with Emma Dean’s Scrap ‘n Snacks Compost Bar Press!
  • Included in the Prank box:
    • Granola Bars 
    • Box of Popcorn 
    • Gum 
  • Price: $25

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