Dad Will Love These Hand Crafted, Kettle Cooked Nuts and Exotic Meat Boxes

Show dad you’re nuts about him with Sugar Plum’s offering of hand crafted, kettle cooked nuts, exotic meat selections like wild boar summer sausage or well-cured beef sticks packaged in a just released festive manly gift box.

Nuts & Beef Box- Why not get the man in your life a gift that resonates with him right down to his caveman core?  Sugar Plum has sourced a collection of the very best beef sticks ever tasted, ranging from mild to wild, with each variety handpicked to cater to that primal hunter-gatherer instinct that echoes in the background from the evolution of early man.  

To that assortment of seasoned beef sticks is a Whiskey Nut Mix, which features hand-roasted, kettle-cooked whiskey peanuts, cashews, and almonds cooked in real bourbon for a lil’ kick.  Finishing off the sampler is a Taproom Nut Mix, which is a blend of crunchy n’ salty traditional bar snacks that pairs perfectly well with a few ice-cold beers! Retails: $35.
Nuts & Exotic Meats Box– Or if dad is a real meat lover, this assortment of exotic meats might just be what’s on his wish list! First up is a wild boar summer sausage, which fuses the traditional sweet and tangy taste of summer sausage with the succulent, rich, and nutty taste of well-ironed wild boar to craft a unique gustatory experience, the memories of which continually call to be freshly experienced.  

Also included are two beef sticks which range in heat from mild to wild – because, after all, what meat sampler could be considered legit without some well-cured beef?  To round the unconventional-yet-remarkable tour off is one stick each of a pork-and-antelope blend that highlights the mild and venison-Esque flavor and a pork-and-alligator blend that has a mild, quail-like flavor that is considered to be quite the delicacy.

To pair with these meats, Sugar Plum has included two 4oz portions of their hand-crafted and kettle-cooked nuts from a collection of flavors inspired by some of America’s most well-known regional BBQ styles.  Featured here are the Memphis BBQ almonds, which highlight the characteristically heavy hickory and fruitwood smoke and sweet & tangy flavors of Memphis-style BBQ. 

Closing out the set are Texas BBQ peanuts, which place the rugged flavors of mesquite and oak smoke front and center to get a taste so potent you’d be keeping your eye out for a rogue steer stampede! Retails: $49.99.
Manly Nut Box-This gift assortment is a yummy sampler that might just be as nutty as he is! For the Manly Nut Box, Sugar Plum has gone ahead and picked this to the brim with a 50/50 blend that pairs off timeless flavors with worldly-inspired cuisines that allows for a little taste of home in one hand and a global tour in the other! Each Manly Nut Box includes six 4oz bags of our hand-crafted, kettle-cooked nuts for your snacking pleasure, with one bag of each of the following varieties included in every sampler: Taproom Nut Mix; Salted Cashews; Honey Sea Salt Almonds; Coconut Curry Peanuts; Mexican Cocoa Pecans and Thai Chili Peanuts. Retails: $39.99
Beer and Bourbon Nuts Gift Tin– Available in Irish Stout, Rum and Whiskey, these all-naturally flavored peanuts round out this three-nut sampler that’s sure to turn even the most indifferent average Joe into a serious nuthead! Retails: $15. 

 Around The World Spice Sampler– Sugar Plum’s Around the World Sampler lets you do some culinary exploration of your own without even leaving your couch. You’ll enjoy globally-inspired peanuts with flavors consisting of African Piri Piri, Caribbean Jerk, Coconut Curry Thai, Mexican Spiced Cocoa, and Moroccan Harissa Lime. These five sweet and spicy flavors of peanuts are sure to take you on the journey you didn’t know you needed – no passport required. Retails: $30. 
BBQ Blends Rub & Sauce Kit (Available exclusively at Uncommon Goods)– Make mouthwatering dishes in four classic American BBQ styles with Sugar Plums spice blend set. Memphis (tangy), Texas (savory), Carolina (spicy), and Kansas City (sweet) each capture the essence of a beloved regional culinary tradition. Use them as seasonings or to make lip-smacking dry rubs, BBQ sauces, or marinades for your favorite vegetables and proteins. The included vegan recipe booklet will teach you how, with tasty suggestions and irresistible recipes. Retails: $38.

Take a walk down memory lane with Sugar Plum’s new nostalgic chocolate bar offerings. Sure to bring back memories of the treats you enjoyed as a kid, these blast of the past flavors include: Fruity Flakes, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pancakes & Syrup, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Apple Pie Milk Chocolate bars, available exclusively at Cost Plus World Market’s 300 stores and their website. Retails: $7.98 for a set of two bars.

All of Sugar Plum’s delicious gourmet treats are lovingly hand crafted and made from their bakery and kitchen in Kingston, PA by mother and son team Frann and Neil Edley.As they say, food is the ingredient that binds us together. These decadent, mouthwatering confections make for truly special gifts. See their website at https://www.sugar-plum.com.