Learn to be as smooth as the guys on the 6 o’clock news & discover the secret behind many of the most successful speakers


Have you ever watched an evening newscast and wondered how newsmakers seem so eloquent, giving flawless presentations? Despite appearances, it does not come easy.

In fact, experts say speaking to a news reporter with confidence and effectively requires learning a skill very few people have. More and more business executives are turning to media trainers to acquire and hone their skills.

Business professionals are having to market themselves on a larger scale due to the growth of advertising through various platforms. Because of this, there are a growing number of business professionals turning to media training agencies. Tom Jordan Media, headed by veteran news anchor and T.V. reporter Tom Jordan, is one of many companies providing this type of service.

Jordan believes that more business people, lawyers, doctors and non-profit organizations are realizing the tremendous benefit that the media can have for business. Companies like his train people to know what to do when they get in front of the media and how to get their message across. With the growing number of media outlets, once a message is out, it will likely be out there forever.

Media companies also teach their clients how to answer questions while also transitioning back to a strong message point that represents their company or brand well. While people have zero control over what a reporter asks, with the right skills they do have 100 percent control over what they say in favor of their company.

Media trainers offer a variety of training programs from one-on-one sessions to group sessions of 25 people or more. Jordan even offers multiple video tips on his website. He is also in the process of writing a book and producing a DVD series.

In todays multiple platform media climate, media training is more important than ever, and his clients agree.

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