Maximize your tax return this season with help from H&R Block-without stepping into an office


Although the tax deadline is a few days later than usual this year, you may still have procrastinated and need a little help when DIY-ing your taxes.

You can receive all the tax breaks that are due to you, even though time is running out.

H&R Block‘s General Manager of Digital Business, Heather Watts, explains that life changes like sending a kid to college or starting a business can change your tax situation without you even knowing it.

Especially when DIY-ers are doing their taxes, they could be missing out on important tax breaks.

Online clients who do their taxes through H&R Block and want extra help can choose the “best of both” feature. A real, live tax professional will review the return and make sure the client is getting the maximum tax refund possible all without having to go into an office.

To get started on your free online return visit H&R Block’s website. For more information watch the video below.