How to make a restaurant quality burger at home


Like most Americans, we all love to go out for burgers. But sometimes, making our own at home isn’t a bad idea for family time!

The perfect cheeseburger truly is a work of art and here on California Life, we learn to make a restaurant quality dish in your own kitchen.

Any expert will tell you it all starts with fresh, never frozen beef to give you the best flavor and the most amount of juice.


The next most important element is what you use to cook the meat. Chef Stephen Bulgarelli, Chief Culinary Officer at Applebee’s, says “Make sure you sear and smash it on either a cast iron pan or a sauté pan. To me, the worst thing you could do is put a burger on an outdoor grill. It usually overcooks the burger and makes it super dry.”

Chef Stephen also suggests smashing the ingredients together in the skillet to infuse the burgers and using a brioche bun which has more egg and butter and adds to the all-around flavor.

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