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Make your home easier to manage and more connected with these “smart” products


From TV’s to refrigerators, there is no shortage of technology aimed at making our homes smarter and more connected.

Tech lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch says the key is to find products that are really going to help make things simpler, not add another layer of complexity.

Knobloch recommends a variety of products that simplify your home including the Norton Core Wifi Router. It protects all your connected devices by scanning every interaction for malware, viruses, spam and more. Plus, it has an easy, simple to read security score that you can see on the app so you can check the overall health of your network at any time.

She also suggests looking into the GE Profile Series Range oven. It gives you control of your appliance from anywhere, plus it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you literally can talk to your oven – tell it to preheat, set a timer, and even get ready for cookies..

Another product you can control from anywhere is the Honeywell Lyric T5 Wifi Thermostat. So, no more heating an empty house or coming home to a cold one. It also gives you really helpful maintenance alerts, like when the filters need to be replaced, so you can be sure your family’s comfortable and breathing clean air, too.

If you are always running out of daily necessities, Knobloch recommends the Amazon Dash Button. You press the button and Amazon’s one-click ordering kicks in and your stuff is automatically on the way. The Britta Infinity Smart Water Pitcher takes all of that to the next level because it’s enabled with Dash Replenishment. The pitcher itself will automatically order a new filter when it’s time to replace it.

No smart home would be complete without a smart mattress to help you get a good nights sleep. The Eight Smart Mattress tracks all kinds of important data about your sleep patterns, including deep sleep and heart rate, without you having to wear a tracker. It connects wirelessly to an app on your phone where you can see how you did in the morning and learn how to improve the quality of your sleep. Plus you can heat up each side of the bed individually for a custom comfort level.

For more on how to make your home smarter, click here or watch the video below.