Source: Mico Tequila

The new Mico Extra Añejo Tequila


The new craft tequila Mico Extra Añejo is anything but your regular tequila. This newly launched drink took four years to perfect, bringing with it a signature taste of the Mexican highlands. Its smooth and complex finish can be attributed to the aging it does in American oak bourbon barrels along with its finishing touch in Alexander Valley cabernet barrels.

“Mico” is spanish for “Monkey,” and Mico Extra Añejo comes in a very distinctive bottle with a dressed monkey on the front. Founder and CEO of Mico Tequila Subir Singh takes partial ownership for Mico, as he and his father collaborated with the Nunes family, who runs a small distillery.

“This is truly something exceptional to try and taste, I recommend it neat by itself or over one rock, one large rock. Coming at 42%, you’ve got time to let it sit on that rock and enjoy every second of that moment.”

Subir Singh

The Mico Extra Añejo Tequila is the fifth product released by Mico Tequila. One of their more unique products is their Tequila Seltzers, and its creation still leaves Subir in fascination. Seltzers were never something that he intended to make; however, with the constant demand for seltzers in today’s industry, he felt as though he could bridge the gap between this strong, hard liquor, and a light and bubbly seltzer to create something fantastic, and that is exactly what he did.

Mico Extra Añejo and the other Mico Tequilas are now available in California. To find out more about their products, visit here!