Millennials flock to Austin for the South by Southwest Festival where film, movies and technology mix


South by Southwest celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year with it’s most ever progressive speakers, film screening, concerts and technology displays. The festival’s goal is to prove the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse people and topics come together.

This year, South by Southwest especially appealed to millennials checking out the interactive innovative awards honoring the best and latest advancements in the tech industry. Former Vice President Joe Biden was the special speaker announcing winners with inventions in health care to new apps that keep us connected and even advances in sustainable energy.

However, Randi Zuckerburg, highlighted an important need in the industry! As, the founder of Zuckerburg media, she made it clear during the DeVry University panel that there’s a gap for tech-skilled workers and there are a lot of jobs waiting to be filled during the DeVry University panel! estimates there’s over 500,000 open computing jobs that exist nationwide right now, and that’s just the hard core coding computing jobs… that doesn’t even begin to touch on all the countless hundreds of thousands of jobs that are out there for people that have softer more acquired tech skills that help them in other areas of business,” Zuckerburg, whose brother co-founded Facebook, explained.

To help fill the gap, she suggest providing the best education to those currently in computer programs like those DeVry offers and updating the skills workers have who are already in the field.

For more information on the tech-worker gap, click on the video below. Or watch this week’s episode of California Life with Heather Dawson.