New App Prked is the New AirBnB of Parking


Prked is an online marketplace that allows individuals, businesses, HOA’s, and other establishments to rent out their unused, privately owned parking spaces. This allows hosts to earn extra income/revenue and creates convenient, cheaper, and eco-friendly parking.

By allowing Hosts to open their parking spaces to the public, Prked will increase the availability of parking, decrease the cost of parking, reduce the time drivers spend looking for parking, reduce car emissions, and reduce the need to build more parking structures, increasing green space.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Prked creates a competitive marketplace where hosts compete to get more listings by lowering prices, providing cheaper parking for users.
  • Due to the high availability of privately owned parking spaces, Prked will provide a much more convenient parking solution.
  • Prked has a review and rating system implemented resulting in a superior user experience to conventional parking methods.


Prked was founded as an attempt to transform the way we experience parking. Needing to park is often a result of partaking in life experiences that are commonly enjoyable such as attending a sports game, attending a concert, or visiting the city. However, parking often takes away from these experiences due to the inconvenience, high prices, and uncertainty that often results. That is why at Prked, their mission is to transform parking into part of the experience instead of a hindrance by providing a more convenient, affordable, and safe parking solution.

Check out for more details and to download on your smart phone.