New Daily Dose of Good News Mobile App Launch from Harvard Grad Liesl Ulrich: Ever Widening Circles


It might be hard to see the good happening in the world these days, and recent reports show we’re looking for it more than ever. Recent traffic trends by Chartbeat also reveal we’ve hit a dangerous level of news fatigue.

Harvard grad and millennial Liesl Ulrich cofounded the new multimedia platform Ever Widening Circles (EWC) with one mission—to give readers unlimited access to long-form uplifting content and celebrate the insights, innovations, and good news in an unbiased and refreshingly agenda-free manner that prove it’s still an amazing world.

Ever Widening Circles goes way beyond your typical feel-good app. It has curated a gigantic and frequently updated library of educational articles (everything from self-help to outdoor living to scientific and innovation breakthrough) for the average reader curious about lesser-known impactful milestones happening all over the world. Check out some of their recent pieces below:·         

Their latest offering is a NEW mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play, where a world of positive news is always at your fingertips. The EWC app curates meaningful, inspiring content, enabling you to get your daily dose of optimism whenever you want it! The app features: 

– Ever Widening Circles content optimized for mobile reading- Save your favorite EWC articles for later

– Never miss your dose of positive news with notifications when we publish every other day

– Explore curated playlists of positive content