New Grape-Made Gin Shaking the Market in America


Everyone knows that grapes are one of the most popular crops in the world when it comes to beverages. Wine of course utilizes grapes the most, but have you heard of gin using grapes?

This french distiller is bringing a unique gin to America that uses vine blossoms to create what many are calling a “game changer.”

“G’Vine has not been made from any grain liquor or grain base, but instead made from grape,” said G’Vine director Alexandre Robicquet. “It is actually distilled from the flower right before the fruit and instead of harvesting the grape, we are harvesting the flower to distillate and ended up with a very floral, very very smooth and velvety gin that we believe is going to be a game changer.”

“Floraison” is the outcome of this floral collaboration. The smooth and silky gin introduces a new taste that American’s are not used to. While being popular in Europe, this brand is not known in America, which is where G’vine hopes to expand.

By first coming to California, specifically L.A., G’Vine’s goal is to shake up the market a little bit and convert gin-drinkers to this new type of their favorite liquor.

The story of G’Vine starts back in France in the 2000s. Alexandre’s father started the company, but dedicated 30 years to working around the grapes in either cognac or in wine. In 2006, he decided to start mixing different flavors and ideas to create this new gin mixture.

G’Vine gin is being launched now in L.A., and the owners are more than excited to share the passion and hard work that went into creating this very unique gin.

To learn more about G’Vine and how to create new and exciting cocktails, visit their website here.