Palm Springs Restaurant Week


Airing: Episode 478, Week of Saturday January 19, 2019
The area surrounding Palm Springs has so much to offer. we’re at the beautiful Las Palmas Resort and Spa in the heart of Coachella Valley which has easy access to all of the best restaurants, which is important for you to know for Restaurant Week.

Bob Schneider Owner of Desert Adventure – Red Jeep Tours says Restaurant Week is a fabulous experience here in the Coachella valley; there are a number of different restaurants that offer two different types of menus. A 24 and 36 dollar menu.

Toni Marchese, Owner of Trio’s Restaurant told California Life HD they are excited about taking restaurant week to the next level. “We are having spas this time around and more attractions to just make it a great experience for everybody.”

Restaurant Week board members like Toni and Bob are all busy preparing for this summer’s 5th annual Palm Springs Restaurant week where visitors literally eat there way through the 10 day event.

Having Restaurant week during the latter end of the season gives people a chance to come and experience the desert when it is not crowded and at a price point where most everyone can afford.

Over 100 restaurants, hotels and attractions participate in the 10 day event that serves up an average of over 55,000 meals. This is just one of the many events in the valley that bring the community together and fill the area with new visitors.

Marc Lodovico, Secretary & Business Partner Vicky’s of Santa Fe says, “It is always exciting to get a first time customer and it is always exciting to get some of the regulars and the locals to come back in.”

It is great to see people busy and in the streets in June, it’s awesome. Because everyone thinks the weather is really hot, but it’s not that hot. We actually had beautiful weather last year. So it is a great way to create buzz in the city and become a year around place to be.

You should definitely take a break from all of the eating to do a bit of playing. Local attractions such as Desert Adventures partner with Restaurant week to give visitors and residents an exciting experience mile away from the ordinary.

Desert Adventures is a really unique company that operates at 140 acre private property of land that straddles the San Andreas fault line. It is approximately 2 and a half miles wide. They can take you a mile and a half into the fault line and literally put you in between the North America and the pacific plate which is what the San Andreas fault separates.

Coachella Valley is just filled with great restaurants, hotels and attractions; so it’s just a great opportunity for people to come and experience all of that for a discount.

Restaurant week kicks off June 1st and ends June 10th so go ahead and start planning your vacation now. To find out more information you can visit Bringing you the best