Protect your information online now!


The fear of being hacked is always a constant threat, and with the holidays approaching and more people shopping online, online hackers are gearing up to do just that.

Norton Cybersafety has some important clues that you should look out for when shopping that might tip you off that an online hacker is on your trail.

  1. Your device or browser experience starts to slow down
  2. You see numerous ads pop up
  3. There are changes to your environment that you did not make

“Don’t forget to regularly update passwords on all your devices in your home,” says Darren Shou, Head of Technology for Norton. “And remember, software solutions are available.”

You should always be alert and keep your guard up, this includes triple checking your card for fraudulent charges. However, this can sometimes overwhelm people, so Norton Safety reminds people to not be hesitant to rely on the experts. Their team will provide help with tools that can help you search, surf, and shop safely online.

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