Runaway Medicine: The Failure of the American Healthcare System – Based on a True Story


As a patient, what do you wish you could know before going under the knife or starting a new cancer treatment? This book will have you asking more questions and getting the answers you deserve.

With 25 years of experience as an emergency room physician, Carolyn Barber looks at the myriad of medical and surgical treatments that don’t help patients much – but do make big money for hospitals, medical device manufacturers and Big Pharma.

Barber’s experience, though, goes deeper. A 30-year cancer survivor herself, she knows first-hand what happens when patients are poorly advised. Overaggressive, unnecessary treatment can lead to patient harm, re-operations, longer hospital stays, more tests and higher costs. And behind much of it is a campaign of sometimes-scandalous marketing and sales tactics meant to benefit everyone involved — except the patient.
Tackling a controversial subject in the power corridors of medicine, Barber shares her personal story and suggests much-needed fixes to a broken system.

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