Searching for summer wellness? Here are the best snacks and tips to get healthy this summer


Summer is here! Laura Dellutri recommends the best plant-based snacks for those summer cravings.

Walmart is now featuring the unbeatable partnership between your favorite sci-fi drama Stranger Things and Skinny Butcher‘s Crazy Crispy Chicken Nuggets.

They’ve teamed up to give you plant-based nuggets that are made with pea protein. You can contribute to a better planet while maintaining that crispy chicken texture you always love.

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The delicious Mary’s Gone Crackers has grown to be the largest organic gluten-free cracker company in the U.S., crafting high quality snacks that are organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Mary’s uses only plant-based ingredients, catering to dietary needs of health-conscious consumers.

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Keep your family smiling with Waterpik Sonic-fusion 2.0. Clinically proven to be two times as effective as traditional brushing and flossing, improving gum health and removing up to 99.9 of plaque from treated areas and helps protect your teeth and gums between dental visits.

Waterpik is the only flosser brand recommended by 9 in 10 Dental professionals.

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That’s it for us. Make sure to enjoy your summer and stay healthy!