SeekOut Real Hard Seltzer Nationally Releases “Clementine + Grapefruit”

SeekOut Real Hard Seltzer invites all adventurers looking for an authentic seltzer made with fresh-pressed fruits and zero added sugar to experience premium craft hard seltzer at its finest. Made by Oregon’s largest craft cider producer 2 Towns Ciderhouse, SeekOut Seltzer is the result of the same philosophy that 2 Towns has built its brand on over the past decade. Pacific Northwest ingredients are the heart of SeekOut Seltzer with each of four seltzers consisting of only whole fruit and water. At 5% ABV and 100 calories per can, SeekOut Seltzer’s all natural seltzers are an exceptional option consumers can feel good about drinking.

SeekOut Seltzer embarks on another breakout year of success following its production of nearly 230,000 gallons of seltzer sold from March – December 2019 (100,000 cases). For 2020, SeekOut Seltzer introduces a brand new seltzer, Clementine + Grapefruit. Tangy and bright, SeekOut Seltzer uses fresh-pressed clementine and grapefruit to craft this zesty hard seltzer. Clementine + Grapefruit is available in 6-packs as well as a 12-can variety pack along with other styles, including Pineapple + Passion FruitCucumber + JuniperKey Lime + Mint, and Raspberry + Meyer Lemon.

With the rapid-fire growth of the hard seltzer category, macro brands position themselves as a better alternative to soda while producing products with the same levels of processed sugar and high caloric contents. SeekOut Seltzer delivers on its health promise by utilizing real ingredients sourced from longstanding relationships with local farmers. SeekOut Seltzer believes craft beverages should be simple, so they simply use the whole fruit that nature provides, and nothing else. The result is a hard seltzer filled with character that tastes better than the rest.

“Most hard seltzers on retail shelves are made with sugar and artificial ingredients. We saw an opening in the market to produce something delicious, and healthier for our consumers. Every seltzer we offer uses whole fruits, an apple wine base, a splash of pure essence, and carbonated water. With real ingredients, you can let the flavor speak for itself. For our brand new Clementine + Grapefruit, the fresh-pressed clementine adds such an incredible lightness to the seltzer. It’s super refreshing,” says Dave Takush (Head Cider Maker, 2 Towns Ciderhouse).

“Today’s consumer is most interested in discovering products that are healthy and wholesome. We’ve developed recipes that we can stand behind and be proud of knowing that the fruit comes from farmers we work with closely. SeekOut Seltzers are made with no malts, added sugars, concentrates, artificial flavors, corn syrup or cane sugar. And for that, we are excited to be a major producer of Oregon-made seltzer,” says Nels Jewell-Larsen (Director of Business Development, 2 Towns Ciderhouse).

Clementine + Grapefruit marks the latest addition to the SeekOut Seltzer lineup. With its bright citrus flavor profile, Clementine + Grapefruit is destined to evoke what’s truly meaningful for the modern drink. Whether spending time outdoors with friends and family, or seeking a solo journey, SeekOut Seltzer is the perfect beverage for being in the moment, living your best life.

SeekOut Seltzer is now available in nine states throughout the West Coast and Midwest.

About SeekOut Seltzer
SeekOut Seltzer aspires to inspire creativity, adventure, and thirst for life through support of authentic experiences and the use of only real ingredients. SeekOut Seltzer is made by the folks at 2 Towns Ciderhouse. Our passion has always been crafting delicious beverages from real, natural ingredients including the highest quality fresh-pressed juice we can find. We applied that same no-shortcuts approach we have with cidermaking to hard seltzer, and the result is a real hard seltzer that not only tastes better, but that you can feel good about too!