SoCal Family Fights through Struggles with Heart & Grace


Lietzau Family 2014-127This week on California Life, we feel very fortunate to share the story of a family that has not only touched our hearts, but the hearts of many others.

Jason and Melody Lietzau were sitting in church on National Adoption Sunday, when they were inspired to add a daughter to their family (which included two boys). They had an affinity for China, so they decided to adopt there. And because Melody wore a Pacemaker, she wanted to adopt a child with a heart condition. Lietzau Family 2014-55

One year later, Hannah came into their lives, and their family was complete.

Since then, the Lietzau’s have had their share of struggles. Melody was diagnosed and is living with Muscular Dystrophy. And their son Noah was also diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

Throughout it all, though, the Lietzaus’ faith in God has never wavered.

To learn more about their inspiring journey, watch our story below, and check out their blog, Counting Our Blessings.