Solve your vision problems with the flick of a finger


Orange County optometrist Dr. Joseph Vansuch calls it “the most revolutionary piece of optical change since the bifocals, back when Ben Franklin put two lenses together.”

“It” is AdlensRX Focuss — eyewear that allows you to solve your vision problems with the flick of a finger.

AdlensRX Focuss is the first eyewear to feature unique Variable Power Optics (VPOTM) technology, which mimics the eye’s natural dynamic behavior. By simply turning a dial, you can adjust your glasses for near, intermediate and distance vision.

Dr. Vansuch is one of just 17 optometrists in California who offers this new technology.

“The patient that comes in here that’s interested in it is especially driven by the problem between reading, and distance, and computer,” Dr. Vansuch said.

He said AdlensRX Focuss eliminates the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

To learn more about the technology and how it works, check out our story below, airing statewide this week on California Life.