Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Bites


80Bites isn’t a diet; it’s a plan that effectively teaches clients how to end the cycle of hunger and overeating.

80Bites wants you to stop falling into the frustrating, ineffective cycle of dieting and start following a plan that teaches you how to rewire your brain. 

Through 80Bites’ advanced app and eBook, 80Bites: The Dancer’s Diet, clients can learn to reset their body to end the cycle of constant hunger, binge eating, and overeating.

Weight loss trends have always focussed on low-calorie diets, but people are still left without results, continuing to battle their weight and dietary problems. 80Bites states that low-calorie diets don’t work because of the high volume of food that is still consumed, even if it is high volumes of lettuce instead of cookies. As a result, the stomach is stretched. The experts at 80Bites advise that the only way to lose weight is to eat a lower volume of food, not just calories.

80 Bites is a 12-step, six-week program.  The goal is to start with the art of counting bites, which will then lead to a permanent lifestyle shift. 80Bites: The Dancers Diet eBook provides an indepth plan broken into four categories: quantity (how much you eat), frequency (how often you eat), quality (learn to assemble meals), and balance (strategies to navigate a health-obsessed world).

The easy-to-use app is designed to increase awareness of how much food you are eating. It prevents overeating by establishing a baseline for portion control, and slows eating and encourages chewing for better digestion. It will help to determine whether your stomach has been desensitized, or worse, stretched. The 80Bites app is essentially a pedometer for your mouth. It operates with the support of “Sam Stomach,” a fun, personal mascot who is there for encouragement along the journey.

Joan Breibart, the President of 80 Bites’ parent company, PhysicalMind Institute, says, “COVID shows us that we need to downsize our bodies.” She adds, “It is so simple now that food prices will rise; eat less quantity, not fewer calories, which will slow the metabolism. This is the missing link; forget calories, hormones rule.”

80Bites’ client testimonials speak for themselves: “80bites is a no non-sense approach to eating that is sustainable, and thus you see results. The food combining section was all new for me. The focus on chewing made me slow down!! The chewing gets digestive enzymes working: result is better food absorption. I really enjoyed learning these concepts, and I am seeing positive effects!!! Specifically, I love that I can eat whatever I like, four times a day, and just need to watch my bites and chew thoroughly.” 

“Sam Stomach is a hoot! He is like my accountability partner. He sits with me through every meal and when I get ahead of myself, he lets me know. I don’t eat more than 25 bites in one meal anymore. Mostly, I am satisfied and can stop at 18 to 20. Restaurants typically serve 40 to 50 bite meals, and I used to eat it all. Now I share with a friend or take it home.”

“I enjoy eating with 80Bites and am happy my stretched stomach is shrinking. I eat whatever I want, just not so much at one time. I realize now how much time and effort I wasted on dieting fads. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. We were fooled.”

“I am thankful to have found 80Bites during the pandemic. Having to ration food might happen at any time. Since I stopped eating so much, my stomach is not stretched out, and I feel satisfied on less food. I don’t even crave snacks in the middle of the day anymore. Feel so much better.”

“I have tried every diet out there and was completely dedicated to each experience! Honestly, I now feel it was such a waste of time and effort. With 80 Bites, it’s just a matter of a little self control and everything seems so much easier now. My mind thinks differently about food.”

“With dieting, I used to eat foods I don’t even like and tried to convince myself that I liked them! That is insane! Since I started doing 80 Bites, I can actually enjoy tasty foods without feeling guilty. I don’t eat as much. I started off tracking my bites with the app and then I found that my mind and stomach naturally made me aware of my limits once I knew what they should be. This I can do forever.”

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80Bites isn’t a diet—it’s a plan that teaches you how to rewire your brain to reset your body to end the cycle of constant hunger, binge eating, and overeating.Throughout a six-week period, clients are introduced to new concepts within a 12-step program that will change how they think and feel about their bodies, eating, and food.  Every three days, 80Bites will provide access to unlock the next step in the plan to experience more life-changing ideas. After digesting the 12 steps, clients will not only notice an improvement in how you look and feel, but also how your eating habits have evolved as well!

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