The Best Dining Options In Mexico City


Join us on a trip to Mexico City as we explore 10 of the best food hotspots. We follow chef and food tour guide Ubish Yaren around the city, and first he takes us to Chilpa and introduces us to Chilaquiles, one of the most common breakfast foods in Mexico. You can choose the type of tortilla, the salsa, and the topping to customize the dish to your taste.

Next, we go to Expendio De Maíz. Here the food is all corn based, and everything from the flavors, to the plates, to the overall vibe of the restaurant will remind you of a little town outside of Mexico. After trying some gourmet tamales from Tamales Madre, Ubish takes us to La Rifa Chocolateria which specializes in beverages made with chocolate and mixed with spices, corn, or fruits.

Another popular place called Museo De Pulque served a very delicious fruit flavored drink called Pulque. Then we travel to Los Gueros De Boturini and try a dish called Gringa which is pastor meat with a four tortilla, cheese, salsa, onions, and cilantro.

After taking us to several more restaurants in the city like El Pambazo and Casa Azteca, we finish up our food tour at a micro brewery called La Mertopolitana.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed exploring the delicious food of Mexico City.