The Celebration Continues on Dia de los Muertos


Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a chance for families to reconnect with those who have come before them. It is actually celebrated on three days; All Hallows Eve on October 31st, El Dia de los Innocentes or The Day of the Children November 1st, and All Souls Day on November 2nd.

It is not meant to frighten, rather, it aims to celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed. Disney Pixar’s Coco offers audiences of all ages a great perspective about the holiday that is beautiful and heartfelt.

Certain cemeteries, such as Evergreen, are full of families dressed-up ready to enjoy music and food on this special occasion.

Once night falls in Downtown Riverside, California the festivities begin. Scheduled events such as the one in Downtown draw in thousands of participants each year. The spectacle is only growing in size! Local restaurants are also excited to celebrate the holiday with special decorations and artwork.

Dia de los Muertos is a unique day, according to restaurant owner Vicky Medina, because “It is so special because you feel like they are here with you.” It is a beautiful day of remembrance.

Jim Ness takes us to a special Dia de los Muertos celebration in Riverside, California. Check out the segment below!