Photo Credit: Dr. Veronica Woods

The Invisible Stroke: Doctor’s Raw Memoir Chronicles Harrowing Rare Brain Disease, and Miraculous Rehabilitation 


Doctor Veronica Woods enjoyed an intense and successful 22-year career with the NHS, until a rare brain disease forced her retirement. It was a relatively unknown condition that many thought would destroy her life forever.

But Woods refused to allow her sickness to control her and, despite undergoing a ten-hour operation that left her with behavior changes and forced early retirement, she now thrives again as an independent woman who has rekindled her passion for running.

In her new memoir, ‘The Invisible Stroke’, Woods unravels her life to educate and empower others facing their own uncertainty.


She takes you through her journey as a patient and doctor. Get to know your illness what makes it worse and what makes it better. Read about recent research in your illness. Be master of your sickness.

“My illness resulted in occlusion of the major arteries and surgery was my only hope of survival,” explains the author. “However, the intense neurorehabilitation I endured changed who I was. I now face struggles I never thought I’d have to contend with – but I’ve regained my independence and refuse to allow them to define me. In fact, I recently won first place in a local trail run. I never thought I’d achieve that again!”

Continuing, “My main challenge has been the invisibility of the scars. The part of the brain that controls my personality and behavior was severely affected, as was the strength in my limbs. If you met me on the street you’d never know what they stemmed from, and that’s why I wrote this book – to offer hope to others who have changed as a result of sickness. They can be in control, they can be the master and life does get better.”