The self-driving, top-speed car of the future with NASA-inspired capabilities is now a reality

Patent-Motorwagen Benz Nr. 2
Patent-Motorwagen Benz Nr. 2

In the scope of society, the car is a fairly new invention.

The first car was invented 132 years ago, and it honestly looked more like a bike than what we would call a car today.

Before then, walking or horseback riding was the main way everyone got around.

Or a train was ridden for long distances, but could take up to weeks to arrive at the final destination.

Even after the car was invented, it really didn’t become a household staple until mass production made it affordable several years later.

So to think, the car of the future is here.







Faraday Future, a new start up company, has unveiled the fastest electronic car with self-driving capabilities.

On top of that, the car has NASA-inspired zero gravity seats!

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