Tips on How to Select the Perfect Furniture


Television designer Lindsey Bennett knows a thing or two when it comes to transforming homes. Her insider secrets can help anyone select the perfect pieces to fit their space.

Quick Tip:

Take the time and measure out your space, then dimension it out on basic grid paper and cut out little couches and chairs to see what would really fit.

That’s a great tip before actually going out to shop right away, and it’s a lot easier to move around a little mocked up piece of furniture than to really bring in the wrong sized item and have to deal with it after the fact.

When it comes to finding the design that works for you, celebrity furniture maker Clint harp and President of Markor furniture, Mark Feng explained just how inspiration works.

I quit my job in sales and decided to jump into my garage and start building things things that I believed in, things that would tell a story, things that reflected the nature that I saw around me.

Clint Harp | Celebrity Furniture Maker

All of these consumers from different cultural backgrounds are no longer looking for a piece of product, they’re looking for an experience, they’re also looking for a unique story.

Mark Feng | Markor Furniture