What’s hot this holiday?


Cheryl Nelson joins us on California Life to hear about some of the most popular gifts given this holiday season.

Laptops are HOT gifts to give this year because many people are looking for a cool new tech product to keep up with their work. What Cheryl recommends is the HP ENVY x360 powered by AMD, which comes equipped with a dazzling display and long-lasting battery. The AMD processors are one of the fastest working processors that are built to handle demanding apps that allow you to work, play, and entertain.

However, if you’re into gaming, the laptop that Cheryl recommends is the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 powered by AMD. This laptop is also powered by the AMD processor which guarantees a long battery life and the ability to handle a lot at once. Another extra cool feature is that the laptop lid lights up with programmable LED lights – how cool?!

Both of these laptops can be found at Best Buy.

Continuing with technology, another popular item that appeared on people’s holiday wish lists this year was wearable technology. T-Mobile came to the rescue with some amazing smartwatches this season. New and existing customers can get a FREE Samsung smartwatch when adding a qualifying line. Coming equipped with safety feautures, games, a camera, and more, this watch is perfect for anyone in your family.

For the gamers and kids in the family, Cheryl has something special for them too. The Officially Licenses microSD Cards for Nintendo Switch make the perfect gift for anyone into gaming. They are dependable with a lot of storage which is perfect for a speedy gaming experience. They are perfect for people with a lot of games that need all that space to store them.

Finally, kids 8 and up LOVE the Beyblade Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set Game. This fun and competitive game has everything you need for battle, including a motorized bey stadium, spin launchers, and spin tops. Not only that, but the revolving top in the middle goes both clockwise and counter-clockwise, allowing kids to mix up their battle agenda to outcompete their enemy!

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