Why Businesses Should Expand Their Storytelling Skills and Focus on Contextual Commerce


Storytelling is something that is part of human history. From cave drawings to oral traditions to the written word, it’s something that continues to evolve and today is ever-expanding in video. It’s also an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses that know how to harness the power of telling a story and making an emotional impact.

Today’s ad-based storytellers, who work with brands to create fast-paced marketing content in an information-crowded society, must find meaningful ways to connect audiences to their stories while measuring those interactions as well as inspiring acquisition and brand loyalty. One company, Source Digital, Inc., is helping to do just that.

With Source Digital, they are also a platform that can help these storytellers getting a good return on investment, especially given its importance to help justify certain marketing expenses through digital content.

“It’s clear that people watch a lot of videos and we know how important storytelling is to the human experience,” explains Hank Frecon, the chief executive officer of Source Digital. “Using that information, we have a patented technique to help marketers reach their target market through storytelling, and ultimately increase their sales. Our goal is to change the way digital content is experienced and measured. We are leading the way for true contextual commerce.”

Storytelling helps motivate consumers to make purchases. Source Digital has patented technology to help businesses take advantage of that. Their technology takes video advertising and e-commerce to a whole new level, by activating video storytelling with immersive engagements to revolutionize the way people interact with content, brands, and productsThey focus on “contextual commerce,” which helps marketers provide a way for people to seamlessly make purchases. Consumers can purchase a product at any time, with less effort and disruption in what they are doing. The purchases become a fluid part of the storytelling process that has engaged the viewer.

There are numerous reasons why businesses need to step up their storytelling when it comes to online sales. Storytelling helps businesses make a connection, unites people, and engages consumers. Plus, people can easily remember stories, giving your message and efforts a longer impact. There is also a science to the importance of storytelling, with the brain reacting in a more favorable way when listening to stories. Additionally, you can increase your return on investment when you capitalize on contextual commerce.

Source Digital’s platform activates video storytelling and fuels the fire for contextual e-commerce. They do this through:

  • Using a cloud-based technology with machine learning and metadata mapping that activates video storytelling. This creates a frictionless, limitless acquisition portal for things consumers are seeking in real-time, capturing them at the most opportune time.
  • Creating new monetization layers and a paradigm for rapid-fire storytellers in advertising and contextual commerce.
  • Video moments connect with viewer-specific life moments, creating a catalyst for engagement within the most fleeting urges to learn or buy.
  • Micro-measured, nuanced interactions can be shared, recalled or reactivated in a consumer’s “content wallet,” creating unique value for both the audience and the content owner.

“We see digital video content as a limitless marketplace to acquire information or goods across any device, and we see authenticated, time-sensitive, emotionally driven interactions at the core of the newly emerging content marketplace,” added Frecon. “It is a natural tool that can help companies tell stories that attract, engage and gain loyalty from new, inspired audiences. We have been awarded seven patents and have six pending. We believe these will be a big part of the future of online shopping, learning and advertising.”

Source Digital was derived from a lightbulb moment had by film and television costume designer, Laura Frecon. She was constantly being contacted by people who wanted to buy the look she and her co-designers placed on the characters in her shows (i.e., Mad Men, True Blood, Men in Black III, etc.).  Laura thought it would be great to have an option to buy the pieces people love as they watch a show, go on vacation to the location where they are shooting, make a reservation to eat or drink at the same restaurant the scene was shot in, and so on. Today, Source Digital does exactly that.

The company anticipates that technology will continue to evolve the conditions of advertising and shopping through storytelling. The future will hold continued development and adaption of virtual and augmented reality.

As a valuable tool for filmmakers, Source Digital also works with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help create a more engaging and effective video advertising experience. The Source network is able to pull targeted content from a variety of sources, including NBC Universal, Golf, LiveNation, MotorTrend, and many influencers that are associated with professional sports. To learn more about Source Digital, click here to learn more.