Yuca’s Has the Best Tacos in Los Angeles


It’s always a surprise with Peter Dill’s Dining Discoveries. Peter takes us to Yuka’s in Pasadena, the original was on Hillhurst. There’s thousands of taco shops in LA. This one is one of the best.

Oprah discovered this spot 10 years ago said this is the best taco in LA. So it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for Peter.

The Cochinita is one that you would have at nine o’clock at night when you had a couple drinks and somebody says hey where do you want to go. You would go to Yuca’s for this kind of taco. What do you think makes an authentic taco? The tortilla, the sauce, just like the bread of a sandwich. If you don’t have a great tortilla, you don’t have a great taco. The freshness and seasoning, you taste the flavors, you taste the meat and the ingredients.

Family restaurants are sort of a dying thing and that’s why Peter likes to support these places. These places have some soul to them, lots of cool people are waiting to come in.

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