8 Key Traits that Can Attract Others and Boost Your Self-Image


Attraction, that mysteriously magnetic pull toward another human being, is notoriously difficult to quantify and qualify. What is it exactly that makes you want to be near someone and give them your time, your energy, your attention, your affection and even your respect? And how can you make others feel that way toward you?

Author Justin Clottey explores the complex concept of attraction and distills it into eight key “attractive” character traits in his new book, Improve Your Self-Image by Understanding What Makes Someone Attractive.

“Whether we wish to admit it or not, the image other people have of us greatly affects how we see ourselves,” Clottey says. “Why? It dictates how we are treated in the world. It’s like feedback. If it’s positive, we’re on the right track. If it’s negative, something about us might be off.”

Clottey isn’t referring to unfounded mistreatment related to culture, race, gender, age and other factors beyond our control. He’s talking about how others react to what we do and don’t do; what we say and don’t say; and how the way we present ourselves impacts every type of relationship we have, including with romantic partners, friends, bosses, coworkers, business partners and clients. 

Improve Your Self-Image is a concise yet comprehensive guide that explores in detail Clottey’s eight key factors of attractiveness — Certainty, Ease, Balance, Brevity, Mastery, Lightheartedness, Reputation and Physical Appearance — and how we can apply this understanding of attraction to improve the way we communicate and associate with others to better navigate our relationships going forward.

Author Justin Clottey was born in the United States and has spent different periods of his life in various cities within Canada and around the world.

Clottey considers himself to be a lifelong learner. Having an interest in constantly improving every area of his life, he is always looking for the best ways to do just that. The world of writing books to help people improve their own lives is an outlet he uses to live out his passion for teaching. As an elementary school teacher, he enjoys sharpening his talent for breaking down complex concepts into small, digestible pieces for his learners.

He has passions for fitness, sports and language learning, and speaks fluent English, Spanish and French. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as exploring different places.

Follow Justin Clottey on Instagram at @becomextraordinary.

Improve Your Self-Image by Understanding What Makes Someone Attractive

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