A closer look at Sonoma wine country as well as award winning director, producer and writer Francis Ford Coppola’s winery ~ all of this and more on this episode of California Life


Airing on this special episode of California Life with Heather Dawson~ We look at California’s recent string of earthquakes and the attention that they are bringing to NASA scientists and the San Andreas fault. Also, we explore how the state budget crisis is affecting California senators’ salaries and how significant this change is to the overall debt.

We then highlight Sonoma, often considered Napa’s younger sibling, but as you will discover the wine country known as “the valley of the moon” is a star in its own right. Then we head to Francis Ford Coppola’s winery before Ron Jacobsohn sits down with the legendary director to find out what else the cinematic icon is an expert on.

Plus, Kyle Busch fresh from The Daytona 500 talks about Nascar’s Wild Ride with 35 out of the 40 cars involved in crashes.

We then speak to NBA Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson about being diagnosed with prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death, trailing only lung cancer in American men. Also, award-winning Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway will be playing Judy Garland in the upcoming film based on the actresses’ tragic life The Life of Judy Garland.

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