A Mother’s Day wish come true for mom whose daughter receives prosthetic hand


Emmy Hoffman is just like any other five year old. She likes to swing on the swing, slide on the slide and climb ropes. And when she gets tired, she likes to cuddle with her parents.

But unlike most six-year olds, Emmy is missing the fingers on her right hand – a condition that occurs in one in every 32,000 births in the United States.

But Emmy’s life is about to change. On this weeks episode, we see how 3-D technology and Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics in Philadelphia were able to create a new hand for Emmy, with 4 working fingers and a thumb. A hand so amazing, it inspired Emmy’s mom Jocelyn to write a book – Emmy’s Amazing Hand.

“The main point of the book really is that these kids can do everything,” Hoffman said, “and it’s hard to picture that when they’re tiny and in these little blankets, but now you can see that they are doing everything that everyone else can do.”

It’s a Mother’s Day wish come true for Hoffman.

To see Emmy’s “Amazing Hand” in action, check out the story below, airing nationwide this week on California Life.