American Museum of Natural History Launches ‘OLogy’ Science App for Kids


The American Museum of Natural History launched an iPad version of OLogy, the award-winning science website for school-aged children who are curious about the natural world. Featuring games, videos, articles, and other engaging resources, the OLogy iPad app is an easy-to-use, interactive educational tool that invites children in a home or school setting to explore the methods and practices of modern science and introduces them to the Museum’s research, collections, scientists, and exhibitions.

As part of its core mission to support science learning for children, the Museum offers a variety of online educational experiences and resources for children, families, and educators including the OLogy science website for kids which has been a teacher-trusted resource for more than 20 years. The launch of the OLogy iPad app comes as learning has been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as parents and schools across the country are looking for digital resources to incorporate into their remote teaching and learning plans. The new iPad app offers an additional resource that, once downloaded, does not require an internet connection.

The OLogy iPad app is launching with 36 interactive modules – with more to come through app updates – that span a broad range of scientific areas including archaeology, paleontology, astrophysics, and biology. Among the content, the app includes:

  • a multimedia lesson on Tyrannosaurus rex where children can learn about the dinosaur’s anatomy and senses
  • a biodiversity game that asks players to match species of Cuban wildlife to their different habitats
  • a lesson on how astronomers calculate the distance to faraway stars; an age-appropriate primer on the flu that can help children understand viral transmission
  • range of other engaging resources that were developed by educators in collaboration with real-world scientists.

All content is aligned with educational best practices, making it ideal for parents, teachers, and schools seeking digital resources to engage students during the rest of the academic school year, over the summer, and into the next school year. It is available for iPads running iOS 11.0 or later and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store here.

The new OLogy iPad app is part of a comprehensive portfolio of digital education programming offered by the Museum, including the recently launched Virtual Field Trips that allow students to observe Museum exhibits up-close and complete standards-aligned activities; courses on Khan Academy; quizzes on the educational platform Kahoot; professional development opportunities through the Museum’s Seminars on Science online program and courses for educators and other adults on the massive online open course platform Coursera. The Museum’s Explorer mobile app for iOs or Android, developed with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, can be used to explore dozens of the Museum’s exhibits from home. 

Additionally, while the Museum has closed its buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has continued to offer educational resources online, with serving as a hub for regularly updated content. Among the offerings, the Museum is hosting weekly, live online programs on topics ranging from deep ocean biology to planetary science and, in addition to opportunities to visit virtually through Google Arts and Culture, the Museum is sharing previously recorded guided tours of halls and collections weekly on Facebook.

Audiences can also stay connected with the Museum on Instagram at @AMNH, on Twitter at @AMNH, on Facebook at, and on Tumblr at amnhnyc