Tips to Protect Protesters: An Interview with Shawn Sasooness


Watch this segment to learn more about Shawn Sasooness’ tips and emphasis on protest safety.

With protests happening daily in many parts of the country, peril also happens frequently. Protests may offer individuals a public space for activism, but they can also present danger to innocent people.

On June 3rd, for instance, a white BMW Mini Cooper drove into a group of peaceful protesters in Newport Beach, California. Videos of the scene shows screams of outraged protesters, as the car hits a woman cyclist, throwing her off the bike.

To help prevent such events from hurting more protesters, Shawn Sasooness of the Sasooness Law Group talked with California Life HD reporter, Marco Antonio Guterriez-Garza.

“Scan the crowd,” said Shawn Sasooness, a legal expert representing the female cyclist. “Note any changes in the crowd. If you see any weapons, leave immediately.”

His second tip: “Try to avoid the streets, especially if the streets aren’t blocked off,” said Sasooness.

“If you’re injured or see an injury, gather as much information as possible… Pictures, videos.”

Shawn Sasooness, legal expert representing the female cyclist.

The Sasooness Law Group respects everyone’s First Amendment rights and encourages protesters to exercise these freedoms. Safety, however is a must.