US Households Will Have an Average of 20 Connected Devices by 2025


Parks Associates research finds US broadband households have an average of 12 connected devices, which will increase to 20 by 2025, creating opportunities for service providers and manufacturers to deploy new value-added services to support the home network and all its devices.

The international research firm discussed home networking challenges and threats that service providers need to address to deliver a premium user experience in the upcoming webinar “Value-added Services: Secure & Complete Home Wi-Fi Management,” cohosted with Irdeto. The webinar, featuring Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates, and Ronald Peters, Product Manager, Irdetowill give insight into consumer challenges and desires for their home network and explore new solutions for ISPs for integrated, AI-powered Wi-Fi management and cybersecurity protection.

“The number of connected devices in the home is increasing just as people are adding strain to the home network with more work-at-home and video streaming activities,” said Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates. “Consumers regularly deal with frustrating Wi-Fi experiences and also have a widespread concern about their vulnerability to data security and privacy threats. Even as household spending starts to shrink, consumers recognize the need to secure and optimize their connectivity solutions and value a holistic solution that can deliver on safety and performance.”

“We are delighted to present this webinar together with Park Associates to address the challenges service providers need to address in today’s dynamic home broadband market,” said Ronald Peters, Product Manager, Irdeto. “Operators need to find a way to differentiate their services, by providing whole-home Wi-Fi management and IoT security to their customers. In choosing the right software, service providers can create a win/win situation, delighting subscribers, and improving their own KPIs.”