CleanTray: A Cleaning Device that Disinfects Phones, Keys, and AirPods


Did you know that phones are 10x dirtier than most toilet seats? Now think about touching it and putting it up to your face, up to 47 times each day. Gross, right?

We’ve all gotten stuck in the endless loop that is disinfecting since quarantine started. We wash our hands after we go out or touch a public surface, but how many of us then disinfect our phone? For most of us, unfortunately, it quickly becomes an afterthought, but CleanTray is making it easy.

The CleanTray, by KeySmart, kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in just five minutes. It fits smartphones up to 7” and your daily essentials like keys, pens, sunglasses, Airpods, etc. Portable and lightweight, the CleanTray can fit in any small bag and can tag along anywhere. There’s even an aromatherapy diffuser to ensure your items come out smelling great.

As we start to go back to our “normal” way of life, keeping our items disinfected will be top of mind.