Episode 11 of Coast to Coast TV with Heather Dawson: Holiday Magic and Car Adventures


We kickstart the holiday season with some Disneyland festivities and share some tips for making the most of your holidays.


In this episode, we take a trip to Disneyland for holiday festivities, check out some sweet rides, and discover helpful tricks for curbing car sickness this holiday season. 

Experience the magic of Disneyland at their Festival of Holidays! Come along as we head to Anaheim and become immersed in their whimsical holiday festivities. There’s truly something for everyone at Disneyland this holiday season! 

Embark on a journey throughout history as we take a trip to Fresno and visit the William Saroyan House Museum! Learn about the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning author and playwright William Saroyan as we commemorate the unveiling of this historical landmark. 

Needing some new music for the holiday break? In studio, we chat with singer-songwriter Joel Taylor all about his new single “Moments Notice” and his journey as an artist. 

What better way to enchant your outfit this holiday season than with accessories? Check it out as we hear from Reece Martin, Content Integration Manager at Disneyland, about how to upgrade your holiday outfits with Disneyland’s festive accessories

Planning on road-tripping this holiday season? Don’t let car sickness get in the way! Tune in as Dr. Mona Amin shares some helpful tips and tricks on how to prevent queasy children in the car during this upcoming busy season of travel.

We then shift gears as we make our way over to Palm Springs to check out the 75th McCormick’s Classic Car Auction. From customs to hotrods, it’s every car fanatic’s dream! Whether you’re buying or just admiring, the McCormick Classic Car Auction welcomes all. 

Buckle up as we also explore the 2023 LA Auto Show and see all that it has to offer! Discover the newest models of cars, trucks, and superbikes on the market that will help you ride into 2024 in style.

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