Flamingo Palms Cuban Cafe

“Foodie Fridays” starts at 15:55

On this episode of California Life, Kevin-James Gonzalez continues our “Foodie Fridays” section at Flamingo Palms Cuban Cafe.

We talk to owners David Vargas and Danielle Madrigal about the restaurant, which has been open since 2008, and the food. Vargas says the recipes are almost 200 years old, and they were passed down from his grandmother, and his grandmother got them from her mother.

Vargas shows us the Ravon Sendido plate, which features oxtail. Vargas said this plate is pretty popular during Sunday brunch. We then try the paella, also a big seller on the weekends.

Madrigal shows us their Morros plate, with white rice and Black beans baked in an oven alongside bacon. The plate also includes sweet fried plantains.

Then, we try the Paparayanas, which are essentially fried mashed potatoes balls with ground beef (picadillo) in the center.

After that, we try Flamingo Palms’ award-winning sangria. Their sangria has red wine, a bit of rum, sprite for flavor, and fresh fruit, and, according to Madrigal, is their biggest seller.

Madrigal shows us their unique Guanabana smoothie, which is called “soursop” in english.

Next, we try the Palomilla steak with chicken, bell peppers and onions, vino seco (a Cuban flavor), and Spanish sausage imported from Spain.

Up next, café con leche, a coffee drink with two shots of espresso.

Vargas recommends their Sunday brunch with great food and free mimosas.