Join #TakeMeBack Campaign to Share Favorite Travel Experiences


On May 13, the hotel industry is taking to social media to launch the #TakeMeBack campaign to encourage individuals to remember their favorite travel experiences and hotel visits. Until we can all travel safety, we will show support to the industry by remembering the incredible people, places and memories that truly embody the spirit of hospitality. 

We hope that everyone will join the conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, using the #TakeMeBack hashtag and invite your friends and colleagues to join the conversation. 

How To Get Involved

Send A Virtual Postcard 

Have you ever taken a trip and experienced the joy of picking out the perfect postcard to send to family members or friends to wish them well? 

Help us spread that joy by sending a digital postcard! 

  • Download one of AHLA’s several pre-made sample postcards.
  • Or create your own personalized postcard by taking a short questionnaire. AHLA will send you your own personalized postcard.
  • Once you have your postcard, share it on social media with the #TakeMeBack hashtag, and challenge friends and colleagues to do the same. 

Sample Social Media Posts 

  • Staycationers
    • I challenge (insert friend 1), (insert friend 2), and (insert friend 3) to participate in AHLA’s #TakeMeBack campaign. Learn more at
    • Sharing a postcard from my staycation! #TakeMeBack [INCLUDE POSTCARD GRAPHIC] 
    • #TakeMeBack to [insert name of activity] at the [tag hotel].
  • Partners/ PSA’s: 
    • Send a postcard ‘home’ and reminisce on travel memories. [LINK]
    • When is the last time you send a postcard? Take a moment and send a digital postcard to someone you love. Learn more at 


Take AHLA’s Instagram Challenge

Follow AHLA on Instagram (@AmericanHotelAssociation) and participate in our #TakeMeBack “This or That Challenge” to help us showcase the diversity of travel opportunities available by helping us illustrate why you love to travel.

To take the “This or That” challenge:

  • Screenshot the template “This or That” card off of AHLA’s Instagram story or visit to download the image.
  • Upload the image to your Instagram story and circle one preference per row using Instagram Gifs.
    • For example, do you prefer to travel out of the country more than within your country? If so, circle out of the country and move to the next row using the same logic.
  • Before finalizing the story, make sure to tag three friends and the @AmericanHotelAssociation.
    • In order to tag, simply click text and then use “@” before AHLA or your friend’s name. This tag will allow AHLA to reshare and spotlight your challenge on AHLA’s Instagram.

Continue to check back on AHLA’s Instagram page to see new challenges and how your travel preferences compare with others.

Follow AHLA on social media and visit for the latest campaign details and latest engagement opportunities.

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