Keep Your Dogs Healthy and Support World-Class Dogs


People want to keep their pets happy and healthy; which is why Merck Animal Health has introduced the Bravecto Cares Program with the goal to focus on the wellness of family pets and service animals. The program helps give owners different ways on keeping up their dog’s health and well-being.

Bravecto also supports NEADS, an organization that trains world-class service dogs and places them with people with special needs. These range from hearing loss, children on the autism spectrum, other developmental disabilities, and veterans who have PTSD.

The dogs are trained until they reach the age between 18 to 24 months where they learn between 50 to 60 commands to use from their human companion.

Dr. Mark Pelham mentions how preventive medicine is highly essential not only to service animals but also to house pets as well. It’s important for any dog to maintain consistent healthcare throughout their lives.

Bravecto not only provides health care to dogs, but they also provide their own products as well as other products from Tri Heart Plus throughout the dog’s lifespan. This also carries forward to the service dogs and their clients with a year-long supply of the products from Bravecto and Tri Heart Plus.

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