New tech gadgets that the whole family can enjoy & one you can feel good about using that’s environmentally friendly


The 50th Consumer Electronics Show had fun gadgets for techies of all ages, but there were also new items that the whole family could enjoy.

Today Show Digital Tech Expert contributor Mario Armstrong went full force scouting out the best family-friendly products at the show’s second day.

Armstrong pointed out several gadgets that can make everyone at home happy, including the sleek Norton Core that secures wifi enabled devices and provides uninterrupted internet access.

Zera Food Recycler
Zera Food Recycler

This is especially great for families with gamers, who tend to slow down the wifi for everyone else!

He also pointed out the Samsung’s new Chromebook Plus that’s doubles as a laptop and tablet.

However it’s Whirpool’s Zera Food Recycler that truly sticks out this year.

This device breaks a weeks worth of leftovers from a family and turns it into ready-to-use fertilizer within 24 hours!

Not only does is benefit the whole family, but it’s great for the environment!

For all of Armstrong’s family-friendly picks, watch the video below. Or tune into this week’s Best of Technology episode of California Life with Heather Dawson airing nationwide.