Tech Expert Katie Linendoll connects us to the hottest wearable technology for an easier, healthier lifestyle


When it comes to technology some things are just “cool” to have like a larger than life flat screen TV paired with a surround sound system that rivals the movie theaters.

However, as technology keeps advancing more and more gadgets are being made to make our lives easier. breatheasy

Emmy Award winning tech expert Katie Linendoll shares this year’s must-have tech products including wearable technology revealed during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show’s Opening Day in Las Vegas.

Linendoll highlights a personal favorite, a wearable respiratory tracking solution by 3M.

The gadget monitors the environment for people, like Linendoll who suffer from Asthma, and offer solutions to the user on how to breathe easier.

For all of her tech picks made to make life easier, watch the video below. Or tune into this week’s special Best of Technology episode of California Life with Heather Dawson airing nationwide.