New York Times Best Selling Author is Keeping Your Kitchen Clean and Green


Living an Earth friendly lifestyle and staying organized sound like two extremely stressful tasks, however, Sophie Uliano is a New York Times Best-Selling Author who has written numerous books that will help you achieve a kitchen that is clean and green.

In the Studio, Heathers chats with Sophie Uliano to learn more about how to live a life that is Gorgeously Green (as her latest book title suggests) with a few helpful tips and tricks.

Uliano describes the “green lifestyle” as a passion of hers that she needed to share because it is just too easy to achieve. Despite what the buzzword suggests, a green lifestyle is more attainable than how it sounds.

There are simple steps that can be taken everyday that make a big difference. As Sophie Uliano began her research she found that many of these small changes are also cost effective.

Be sure to check out the segment below to see how you can save money and the planet with just a few simple changes in your kitchen!